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We provide the best of Regulatory and Financial Compliance Services to individuals & organisations in the public and private sector.

Audit & Assurance Services

Meticulous attention to detail in audit & financial investigation.

We are technically grounded and operate well-tested procedures that align with International auditing standards and best practices.

We focus more on risk evaluation, which is essential in assurance audit.

Financial Statement Audit

We conduct independent audit of financial statements, in fulfilling organizations statutory requirements. Our advantage here is the add-on services provided to ensure we do not only meet statutory needs, but also expose management and stakeholders to critical issues on Internal Controls and performance evaluation.

Fraud Investigation

As Professional assurance experts, we investigate financial crimes such as embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, forgery and conflict of interest.

IFRS Conversion and Implementation

In view of the road map for Nigeria to adopt IFRS in the presentation of financial statements from 2013, Organizations are faced with the challenge of transiting from old SAS (GAAPs) to IFRS.

Our approach to ensuring a smooth transition to IFRS combines both conversion and implementation, which is key in ensuring an immediate adoption of the standard. We have on ground a team of professionals who have been equipped to implement this process.

Staff Audit

We carry out detailed external verification exercises with the aim of analyzing a company’s human resource policy to establish manpower requirement and mix.

Due Diligence Exercise

We serve our clients in evaluating business concerns in the case of contracts of sales, potential investment, mergers and acquisitions etc. Our approach examines performance trends of the past to the present, and then to the predictable future

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