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We provide the best of Regulatory and Financial Compliance Services to individuals & organisations in the public and private sector.

Tax Management Services

Professional Management of your Tax Matters.

We deliver strategic and engaging professional expertise in managing tax matters through Client Enlightenment, Tax Planning, Setting tax policy for client ( Procedure Establishment ) & Tax Representation.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of honesty, integrity and confidentiality in all relationships with clients, keeping as the utmost concern, the client’s best interest and extending Professional Courtesies to all colleagues in the Tax field.

Tax Planning

In view of the current level of enforcement of the Tax Laws by Government agencies (Federal Inland Revenue Services and Internal Revenue Services), Tax Planning becomes the most strategic way to ensure compliance, and with minimum tax exposure.

With this service our clients are sure to take advantage of the different tax laws to ensure minimum exposure

Tax Policy

Tax Policies basically are set up to in-build compliance and awareness into a business system. As part of our approach to Tax Management, we set tax policies in-congruent with the activities of the Company. This policy is set to guide in day-to-day business transactions and decision making processes

Personal Income Taxes

The Personal Income Tax Act imposes income tax on individuals, communities and families and on executors and trustees; and to provide for the assessment and collection and administration of the tax.

To manage and ensure compliance with this law, especially with several new developments and technicalities introduced by the act, expert knowledge is a key factor to ensure compliance and minimum tax exposure.

We offer quality representation, advisory, technical support and liaison with the tax stations through our experience and network

Tax Accounting

As a statutory requirement for incorporated companies to file accounts, we carry out Tax Accounting services through the preparation of tax computations, filing of tax returns and representation in all tax accounting matters

Tax Advisory

The edge that every taxpayer has in tax administration in any society is knowledge.
Our advisory service equips our client to carry on all their businesses with a foreknowledge of tax implication and thereby package their business in such a way to take advantage of the law.

Our motto here is high level compliance but minimum exposure

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