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Recruitment Services

The ultimate objective of every organization on the average is to achieve set goals with minimum effort. The realization of these objectives is dependent on the quality of manpower at their disposal.

Over time, we have discovered that the right candidates at all levels to take up vacant positions has become a major challenge to employers who desires to attain excellence and improve productivity

Database of Well-Trained Job Seekers

We have built a database of job seekers that have been groomed in our specialized training program for job seekers and inculcated with the fundamentals knowledge of work and employment. We believe human capacity building at all levels is one of the key factors that promote excellence and efficiency.

Our company is strongly committed in this regard to clients in seeking to understand their line of thoughts and vision for their company in our recruitment procedures.

Full-Scale Recruitment Services

In view of the above, we offer full scale recruitment service to meet the specific need of our client.
Our fee is usually 10% of the annual salary package of the selected and employed candidate. This rate is however negotiable where more than one applicant is involved.

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